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The IGSP has become many things to many people. For some, we offer an interdisciplinary intellectual base. For others, we represent a ready source of expertise and technology, either through the core services we offer or by virtue of collaborations. For yet others, we represent an opportunity to learn and think about important scientific, social and philosophical questions that have real consequences for how we lead our lives and how we think about our origins and our destinies.
-Hunt Willard, IGSP Director

The IGSP was established in 2002 with the explicit conviction that scientific advancement in genetics and genomics requires more than just exceptional science carried out within the confines of traditional disciplines; it requires exploration and scholarship carried out at the intersection of traditional disciplines in the life and health sciences, social sciences and engineering, embedded in a thorough discussion of the relevant social, ethical, legal and public policy issues. Membership at the IGSP is open to faculty at any school of the University and includes both faculty with a primary "base" in the IGSP and those positioned elsewhere at Duke who participate to varying extents in IGSP programs and activities.